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compare bad credit lenders is designed to bring together the top 50 payday lenders, 12 month lenders and card providers in the UK that specialise in short term loans and credit solutions for people that have less than perfect credit history and even adverse credit scoring. We have compiled 24 UK payday loans lenders reviews to compare sites and companies like Wonga, Quickquid, Paydaybank, cashlady, Maketodaypayday, Peachy loans and many other popular payday direct lenders with what they have to offer and terms etc. Some are direct lenders, no fees, some are brokers, instant decision applications, but we feel that we have chosen the most popular payday providers with many considered to be in the top 10 payday loans lenders 2014 UK market.

Please visit our links and reviews below for best payday lenders in 2013, some no brokers or credit check:

Also visit and compare our list of reviews for the best top UK 10-20-50 12 month loans direct lenders, guarantor and no guarantor, instant decision and approval in the UK at present: